1 Group Cafe Coffee Machines

At Complete Cafe Services we specialize in commercial coffee equipment for the cafe, mobile set up, hotel, restaurant and more! Our large range of commercial coffee machines are suited to the small coffee set up or the high-volume cafe. We offer you peace of mind knowing that we service every machine that we sell with Australia wide shipping and a nationwide service network.
We offer assistance with delivery, installation, calibration, machine and coffee training and even cafe design and consultation services! With an experienced team of coffee machine technicians on hand, we can assist you with matching the perfect machine to your cafe. Our coffee machines come in a range of designs, colours and materials, giving you the ability to customize your machine to your cafe. Come into our showroom to view a range of commercial machines and have a test run on our coffee equipment! The right equipment will save you money and time while reducing wastage and improving consistency.
If you don’t happen to find the machine you are looking for, give us a call about a unique customized piece for your environment.