Bianchi Gaia Coffee & Chocolate Machine (3 Day Hire)

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The Bianchi GAIA is the perfect solution if you want hassle free coffee at your event. Makes both Coffee drinks and Hot chocolate.

No Barista required and simple enough for customers to use.

Simply sit on a bench / table, fill with beans, chocolate water and milk. Plug in to standard power point and presto. Short Black, Long Black, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Hot Chocolate at the Push of a Button.

The GAIA takes up a small footprint and will make around 100 Coffees with out having to re-fill.

Our Freeze dried milk powder eliminates the need for refrigeration and cleaning while still producing a sensational creamy milk based coffee.

General costs per coffee are around 30c-60c depending on bean selection.

*Other Costs. 1 bag of milk will make approx. 50 white coffees. 1Kg of coffee will make approx. 140 coffees.

*Delivery is not included but can be arranged for a small fee.

For More information or to inquire about availability please contact us. 

Contact us for discounted rates on longer terms hires.