Commercial Microwave Oven

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Commercial Microwave Oven

The Fast, Simple and Cost effective way of heating & cooking in a commercial microwave oven. 
A specialty appliance valuable in any commercial cooking environment -this robust, reliable and fully-functional microwave oven delivers outstanding performance


Sturdy Stainless Steel inner and outer body (#304), ceramic base and non-slip rubber feet for stability
Multi-functional clear digital display electronic board, with simple push button programming
Versatile multi-level controls (including defrost mode) 
Up to 20 programmable push button options


Power Input: 1500 W
Power Output: 1000 W
Capacity: 26 Litres
Voltage: 230 V / 10 Amps
Weight: 17.1 Kg
External Dimensions: (W) 520 mm x (D) 442 mm x (H) 312 mm
Internal Dimensions: (W) 335 mm x (D) 364 mm x (H) 212 mm