La Pavoni Botticelli Specialty DUAL BOILER

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La Pavoni Botticelli Specialty DUAL BOILER


The La Pavoni Botticelli Specialty DUAL BOILER features a variable pressure profiling sysytem, IMS shower screens and baskets, naked  group handle and full stainless steel chassis to make it a class leader.



Stainless steel body. (AISI 304) 

Press forged chromed brass groups with valves infusion chamber 

BPPC SYSTEM – Brewing pressure profiling control (Flow Control) 

Dual boiler system f Coffee Boiler: 0,6 lt (1000W – 220-240Vac)  Steam boiler: 1,8 lt (1300W – 220-240Vac) 

Professional rotary pump with external pressure adjustment 

Water supply 2.9 litre fresh water reservoir or alternatively by turning the control switch, steel braided direct water connection 

Electronic control reservoir water level Electronic automatic water level Electronic control of the boiler water level 

Anti – vacuum valve 

Cool touch steam wand Cool touch Hot water 

Manometer for the boiler pressure control 

Gauge for pump pressure control 

PID System 

Manual reset safety thermostat 

Width / depth / height 330 x 425 x 425 mm.