Lelit Anna - PL41LEM

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Lelit Anna - PL41LEM

The Lelit Anna - PL41LEM will blow you away... An all Italian made espresso machine. The Lelit PL41LEM, the backbone of the Lelit home range and the foundation on which the Combi is built.
The PL41LEM is a true workhorse of an espresso machine, designed to pull excellent shots of coffee and steam silky milk for all of your cappuccino and latte requirements.  The heart of this machine is its 250ml brass boiler and 1100 W element giving the PL41LEM very stable espresso temperatures and huge amounts of steam pressure. The stability and power of this little machine makes repeat coffee shots easy and consistent and coupled with its 9 Bar Over Pressure Valve it makes pulling the perfect shot time after time easy.

Get 12 months warranty and peace of mind, knowing that we service and repair all equipment that we sell!  


Made: Italy
Brand: Lelit
Model: PL41LEM
Ideal tamper size: 57.5 mm
Materials: Stainless steel body
Boiler: 250ml brass
Ball jointed steam wand
Improved steam pressure over older models
Tank capacity: 2.2 litres
Power: 1250W
Filter basket: 57.9mm
Size: 23cm wide x 27cm deep x 34cm high
Weight 8 kg

Included Accessories

ESE filter, single filter basket, double filter basket, blind filter
1 Portafilter
Coffee scoop