Slayer Steam LPx

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Size 2 Group
Colour White

The Slayer Steam LPx features unique different aesthetic options. With customizable colour panels, chrome wings and engineered wood actuator handles for a unique look that truly represents the Slayer brand.   

Weight Based Volumetrics
Low pressure Pre and post infusion

Classic 9-bar extraction includes semi-automatic & volumetric operation with 2 programmable doses per grouphead
Barista DashboardTM with detailed readout, shot timers, and quick access to all parameters
Adjustable-height drain tray with 4 distinct positions and cut-out grips for easy removal
User friendly interface
Automatic shot lights indicate start & end of extraction
Independent brew tanks with PIDs
Hot water tap with mixing valve
Wing channels keep wires & hoses hidden from view
Made in Seattle, USA

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