Used Saeco Rubino 200 Vending Machine

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Used Saeco Rubino 200 Vending Machine 


The Saeco Rubino SG200 is by far our favourite coffee vending machine. We have placed well over 300 of these units and still see machines in service with over 70,000 vends. Not only does it have a huge capacity for product and wastage it is also a stylish and compact machine that is perfect for offices, schools, function rooms and libraries. It is the most reliable and customisable machine we have ever had. 

A selection of 8 beverages with freshly ground coffee for each cup.  It can also be supplied with a coin mechanism set to your desired price. The machine can be either plumbed to mains or setup with internal water reservoir. A cabinet is also available.

Connection to mains or conversion to tanks, this machine is easy to use, easy to maintain and is a perfect office solution.

 Comes with 3 months warranty. 



Dimensions (w x h x d) 410 x 765 x 535 mm. Top lifts up for filling so over head benches are not ideal.

Product type Espresso from coffee bean and instant products

Technology Fully automatic machine: Automatic dispensing of cups, sugar and stirrers

Number of selections 8

Number of pre selections 4

Coffee bean container 1

Instant product container 3

Sugar container 1

Number of Grinders 1

Disc mixer 2

Water supply standard: standard: water supply optional: independent water tank kit

Display 2-line, 20-character alphanumeric display

Keyboard Direct access 8-button keypad for beverage selection

Power supply 230 V / 50 HZ

Power consumption 1250 W

Independent water tank 20 l (kit)

Boiler Espresso Brass

Coffee Group Saeco Brewing Unit: top quality espresso, easy cleaning and maintenance

Brewing unit 7 - 9 gr