Victoria Arduino – Eagle One

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Style 2 Group
Colour White

The Victoria Arduino – Eagle One has risen as a response to the new generation of coffee performance. Where sustainability, design, and efficiency are crucial. 

The Eagle one is absolutely packed with innovative technology for energy optimisation and minimal environmental impact. The Eagle one is the perfect choice for baristas who just want to make really great coffee, and delight their customers every day. This is a cafe coffee machine built to do just that.

Energy Optimisation
Cool Touch Wand
Easy Cream
Group Cover
Display Touch
Auto Purge
Boiler Insulation
High Technology - Detail Orientated
NEO - New Engine Optimization.
2 Group 3 Group
W x D x H 75.8 x 57.6 x 43.7 98.8 x 57.6 x 43.7
Cupwarmer 33.6 x 66.7 33.6 x 89.7
Group Height 10.5 cm 10.5 cm
Weight 90kg net - 110kg gross 115kg net - 135kg gross
Power min 3000 / max 4800W min 3600 / max 6300 W
Cupwarmer 400 W 500 W

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