As the South Australian Sales/Warranty Repair Partner for Bezzera Australia in Adelaide – We are proud to announce their exclusive connection to 100 years of refining the taste of Italian espresso.

Bezzera was formed in 1901, by Luigi Bezzera. He patented the process for preparing coffee, and 5 years later exhibited the first ever espresso coffee brewing machine at the Milan International Fair in 1906.

Though the years have passed, and companies have undergone significant change and development, Bezzera has always maintained a constant drive for their passion for their work. Continuing a proud heritage “four generations” innovating and styling new models – yet the philosophy remains same.

Bezzera Pty Ltd is located in Rosate, South-East of Milano Italy. A large modern production facility comprising of merely 100 workers – components are designed and manufactured onsite.

Research & Development has always been their prime objective. Collaborating with technical services provided by its resellers for continuous improvement of their products, always implementing technical updates.

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