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At Complete Cafe Services we are the premier service company for Adelaide Coffee Machine Repairs and Service. From small home coffee machines to large scale commercial and office equipment and grinders. We can offer expert advice on your coffee machine or help you troubleshoot a problem. For free expert advice or troubleshooting assistance call our friendly team on 08 8338 0600.

Why Complete Cafe Services?

Put simply, our insured, qualified techs are industry experts who will get your machine working perfectly again. We don't have a higher fixed cost for our services. We understand that like cars, individual coffee machines require different repair and servicing work. This means you only pay for the work needed for YOUR machine! We have had over 12,000 happy customers. So for Adelaide coffee machine repairs and servicing, our techs are the ones to call!

*We back our work with warranty, so you are taken care of during repairs, and after you take your machine home*

Emergency equipment breakdowns? Don’t hesitate to call us on 0418 812 799 and we’ll be able to assist you with coffee machine repairs in a flash!

✓ Warranty and Non-Warranty Repairs

✓ Descaling

✓ Inspections, Assessments and Quotes

✓ General and Full Services

✓ Filter Replacements

✓ Custom work including powdercoating

✓ Seal and O'ring replacements

✓ Calibration, Install and Training

✓ Test and Tag

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Transparent. Affordable. Reliable.

Our technicians can do coffee machine repairs and servicing throughout Adelaide, regional and rural South Australia.