Sanremo is a young, dynamic company, setting high standards in the production of espresso coffee machines for professional use and automatic distribution. Sanremo’s professional machines are based on designs developed completely within the company by a team of highly skilled professionals working as a close-knit team.

The variety of Sanremo’s professional machines range from models designed for optimal production efficiency, with an excellent value for high level performance, to models with fine contemporary designs to fit beautifully into sophisticated surroundings.

Choose from such models as the:

- Opera (Available March 2014)

- Roma

- Verona

- Torino

- Zoe

- Amalfi

- Capri

- Treviso

Sanremo’s commitment to product quality goes so far that they double test the espresso coffee machines before every delivery. Sanremo’s full range of professional machines and products for automatic distribution are made with parts that are highly dependable.

October 2013 HOST Fair Milan Italy – Introducing “The Opera”

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