Bellezza Espresso Inizio Rotary 24 Carat Gold

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Bellezza Espresso Inizio Rotary 24 Carat Gold


The Bellezza Espresso Inizio Rotary 24 Carat Gold is where it all started for Bellezza home coffee machines. The Bellezza brand was founded with the development of the Inizio in 2017. It is our pride and joy and this can be seen in every hand-assembled machine. The German CNC milling machine has shown its perfection openly. Each individual edge is subsequently welded and polished by hand. The highest quality materials and parts from Italy are used. This gold version is sure to look stunning and be a focus point in any kitchen.



The 1.8 litre stainless steel boiler - and the elegant PID with pre-infusion control to round it off.

Two large pressure gauges

Bellezza PID Controller

E61 Brew Group Head

Rotary Pump

Boiler Temperature Adjustable

Shot Timer

Hot water and steam pipes insulated

ECO Mode

Pre-Infusion Time Adjustable