Compak K10 Conic PB

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Compak K10 Conic PB


The Compak Professional Barista (PB) range is built for the barista chasing a perfect grind with performance and agility. It offers an exceptional performance, productivity and price point!

The Compak PB range features a precision star doser with automatic shut off and the internal fan keeps the grinder at a steady temperature, reducing the impact of environmental heat on your grind. All this in the sleek modern body Compak is renowned for.



Parallel System grind regulator lock

Electronic fan

Ergonomic doser lid for easy removal

Special Barista doser without builtin tamper

Aluminum star doser with high efficiency sweepers

Full aluminum grinding collar adjustment and fork

Aluminum portafilter rest

High resistance power switch

Illuminated on/off switch


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