Mahalia Blend #1

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Mahalia Blend 1
Mahalia Blend number 1 is a light roast of 100% Arabica Coffee beans.

This complex blend features the aroma of ripe stone fruits and malt with enticing flavours of treacle and dark chocolate. This blend encompasses a smooth lingering finish with a hint of caramelized butter. Blend 1 is best suited to a black coffee and is the perfect choice for plunger, stove top, cold drip, V60 and espresso machines. The core of Mahalia’s award-winning coffee is the search for perfection and diversity in flavour through the natural flavours of coffee. Mahalia is South Australian Roasted and uses no artificial flavour enhancers or additions.
Tasting Notes
Ripe Stone Fruits
Dark Chocolate
Caramelized Butter
Suggested Recipe
Water Temperature: 93.5 °C
Filter Basket: 19-22g
Coffee In: 19.7g
Liquid Out: 45g (56ml)
Extraction Time: 28 seconds
Cold Drip: 90g to 850ml filtered, iced water
V60: 17g for single serve. Only use filtered water, tap water spoils great coffee.
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