Pullman Filter Basket 17g-19g

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Pullman Filter Basket 17g-19g

The Pullman Filter Baskets are suited for 58 mm to 58.4 mm diameter coffee tampers. The Pullman filter baskets come with a guaranteed internal diameter to meet pullman tamper specifications and have a hole diameter of 0.3 + / -0.02 mm. Made from quality, polished stainless steel that is AIDI 304 compliant with Europe Food Contact Directive. These baskets are also FDA and ROHS approved.  Used as the official filter basket for the Australian Barista Championships from 2017 to 2020, this range of baskets does not disappoint. 


Available in 

  • 17 g - 19 g
  • 19 g - 22 g
  • 22 g - 25 g
  • 25 g - 28 g 

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