Tax Deductibility of Office Coffee Machines

Determining if office coffee machines are tax deductible may impact your business’s bottom line. This article aims to clarify the confusion by exploring the criteria that determine eligibility for deductions under Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regulations.

We at Complete Cafe Services will break down the complexities, simplify and guide you through what could be expected when claiming your office coffee machine as a business expense. The key question to keep in mind is - Are office coffee machines tax deductible?


Key Takeaways

Office coffee machines may be tax-deductible if they are considered essential business equipment and used strictly for business purposes. The ATO permits deductions for office equipment vital to business operations. Tax benefits for an office coffee machine could include an immediate write-off if the cost is $300 or less, or depreciation for higher-cost items.

It's crucial to follow ATO guidelines to distinguish between office expenses and non-deductible entertainment. Proper record-keeping is essential for claiming tax deductions on coffee machines, requiring organized receipts, documentation, and usage logs that separate business from personal use, with records kept for at least five years according to ATO mandates.


Understanding the tax deductibility of office coffee machines

At first glance, an office coffee machine might seem like an unlikely candidate for tax deductions. However, the ATO may see it differently. Most expenses, including office equipment essential for operations, can be claimed as tax deductions by businesses. If a coffee machine is used solely for business purposes, its full cost could potentially be written off.

What are the criteria and timing for a coffee machine to qualify? The ATO requires a clear distinction between personal and business use of the coffee machine. Full tax deductibility applies if the machine is used only for business purposes in a shared office space, not in a home office setup. Is a coffee machine classified as essential business equipment or a luxury? Let’s explore.


Essential business equipment or luxury?

The ATO defines necessary business equipment as items essential for the performance of work, which are typically tax-deductible. Conversely, entertainment expenses, even if necessary for work, are classified as non-essential luxury items and are not tax-deductible.

So, where does an office coffee machine fall in this classification?

When determining if the machine is an essential equipment or a luxury, it’s important to consider the type of coffee machine chosen for your office. A coffee machine is not just a tool for brewing coffee; it’s an asset that enhances employee productivity and satisfaction. It’s no longer a luxury but a necessity, especially in work environments where coffee breaks can foster collaboration and brainstorming.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that an office coffee machine could be seen as essential business equipment. However, it’s essential to keep proper records to justify its business use.


Record-Keeping for tax deductibility of office coffee machines

The ATO requires businesses to maintain accurate and organized records for all tax-deductible expenses. This includes purchases made for office coffee machines. Proper record-keeping can help distinguish between personal and business use of the machine, making it easier to claim the full tax deduction.

To qualify for a tax deduction, businesses must have proof of purchase, such as receipts and invoices, and evidence of business use through usage logs or diaries. The ATO also requires records to be kept for at least five years after filing taxes. It’s crucial to follow these guidelines carefully to avoid any discrepancies during audits.



In conclusion, office coffee machines can be tax-deductible if used solely for business purposes and classified as essential business equipment. They can provide immediate write-offs or depreciation benefits, depending on their cost. However, it’s vital to keep proper records and follow ATO guidelines to distinguish between personal and business use of the machine. By keeping organized receipts, documentation, and usage logs, businesses can confidently claim tax deductions on their office coffee machines without any worries. So, the next time you purchase a coffee machine for your office, make sure to keep these guidelines in mind and potentially save some money come tax season.

It's also important to consult with a professional accountant or ATO representative for specific guidance on your business's unique tax situation. And remember, a well-caffeinated office is a happy and productive one! So go ahead and enjoy that cup of tax-deductible coffee. Happy brewing!


Disclaimer – We grind and brew beans, we don’t count them. We are not accountants and while most of the information outlined above is taken from government resources, you should always consult your accountant and/or qualified tax advisor.

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