Silver Chef

Why SilverChef

There are many finance options for anything, like after-pay, zip-pay and more. With so many to choose from, Complete Cafe Services has done the homework for you! There are many reasons we have partnered with SilverChef, such as the customization to the hospitality industry.

SilverChef has been helping businesses to fund their restaurant equipment needs for over thirty years. They understand the ever changing nature of the hospitality industry and have developed a solution to ensure you have access to the equipment your business needs to be successful at all times.

Over 50,000 clients have utilized SilverChef to fund their equipment needs.

Whether you are planning a complete refurbishment, new fit out or just need to obtain a few items. The benefits of funding your equipment through SilverChef are clear:

  • Firstly, give yourself flexibility – Upgrade at any time, purchase at any time, keep renting or return after 12 months should you wish. You can work with your equipment provider to ensure you always stay in the warranty period of equipment you hold. As a result, if you need repairs, it’s under warranty! Likewise, you can also upgrade your equipment as your business grows.
  • Secondly, reduce your risk – Silver Chefs flexible options mean that you will only purchase an asset when your certain it is the right time and the asset is working for your business.
  • Thirdly, preserve your valuable working capital – Build your cash reserves to run your business and ensure you have comfort should any unexpected expenses or circumstances arise.
  • Fourth, get what you need today – finance the business critical assets you really need rather than having to compromise on quality to work within your cash budget.
  • And Lastly, reduce your tax bill – Silver Chef`s payments are 100% tax deductible.Cash Price                                       
  •                                                       Daily Rent                          Weekly Rent
    $2,000                                           $3.63                                 $25.38
    $5,000                                           $9.07                                 $63.46
    $10,000                                         $18.13                                $126.92
    $15,000                                         $27.20                                $190.38
    $20,000                                         $36.26                                $253.82

 Work out your payments on the calculator HERE. 

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