Vinnies CEO Sleep Out

On 17 June 2021, leaders in business, community and government will sleep without shelter on one of the longest nights of the year to help change the lives of Australians experiencing homelessness. In 2020, $5.7 million dollars was raised to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty in Australia.


This year Complete Cafe Services are proud to be sponsoring the Blue Dolphin Swim Centre where mother and daughter and partaking in the Sleepout Challenge!

In 2020, participants raised $5.7 million and made a huge impact. That means Vinnies can support the community by providing more:

  • Individual support programs
  • Financial & budgeting support
  • Night Vans
  • Meals
  • Mental Health Support


Support Australians who are doing it tough by donating to the Vinnies CEO Sleepout today.

So far this year, Blue Dolphin have helped provide

  • 14 x individual support programs
  • 37 beds
  • 149 meals


Other ways you can help support

  • Pop down to the Blue Dolphin Swim Centre at 5 Glory Ct, Happy Valley SA 5159 and purchase any of the items below! 


Read more about Vinnies CEO Sleepout

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