Why do a Latte Art Course

So, you’ve been working behind a coffee machine for a while now, perfecting and refining your skills as a barista. You calibrate and tweak your grinder multiple times a day to get that perfect shot extraction. Your milk is silky, glossy, beautifully creamy and served at the optimal temperature every time. If it tastes so good, why should you consider learning latte art? Well, let’s have a look at a few reasons that you may not have considered…

  • Presentation
  • Marketability
  • Employability
  • Latte Art Creativity



Presentation is everything! Why do you wear a clean, pressed shirt to work, smile and greet all of your customers, and make sure tables are clean? Because these are the first impressions that make your guests or customers feel invited and comfortable – and first impressions last! So why should that beautiful cup of coffee you serve them be any different? The way it looks upon delivery, the rich aroma and that all important first sip are the first impressions of your skill and product quality.

Latte art


Who are your customers? Why do they come to your cafe or restaurant? How did they find out about it? We live in the age of Instagram and social media; and people love showing their friends the places they go and beautiful looking products they purchase there – with photos! Latte art is exactly that – Art. And people love taking pictures of cool looking lattes and posting them up on their socials so all their friends and followers know exactly where to go for that brilliant Rosetta, tulip or swan on their next cup of coffee.


Or now, you’ve negotiated a potential job role as one of the main barista in that funky little specialty espresso bar. The manager looks at your resume briefly; looks you up and down (at how you present yourself, and potentially to his/her customers) and says “Ok, jump on the machine and show me what you can do” – This is your time to shine and impress; not only the manager, but their customers; which are the one’s that will keep coming back to purchase your coffee if it meets their high expectations, both in taste AND presentation. If you’re looking for a job as a barista, including a few photos of your fantastic looking coffee can go a long way! It shows the employer you are capable of more than a standard cup, and are well on your way to not just nice tasting coffee, but nice looking coffee too!


Latte Art Creativity 

The many latte art designs that are possible once you learn the fundamental basics of pour control and current flow are only limited by your imagination and dedication. Being creative and trying new and interesting designs is fun and personally satisfying. You don’t need to be the next Leonardo Da Vinci; because like the taste of coffee, consistency is key – so practise, practise, practise. You’ll find inspiring ideas either online or the next time you visit another café somewhere.


Making that great tasting coffee LOOK just as appealing as it is delicious, can be every bit as important and beneficial – not only to your customer or the brand you represent, but to your career and personal development.

And like our motto here at Café Services says: Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work!


You can read more about our latte art courses HERE.

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