Why Use Brew Scales When Making Coffee

Why Use Brew Scales?

There’s a whole bunch of tools and accessories used in the coffee making process, so why use brew scales? In one word, consistency.
So how do brew scales improve flavour and consistency?  You wouldn’t cook a cake without using a recipe and weighing the ingredients. Coffee is the same, because brew scales allow you to calibrate your coffee and once you have perfected your recipe you will be able to duplicate that amazing coffee time after time.

Firstly, there’s a few key benefits of using brew scales

  1. Using scales improves the flavour of your coffee
  2. Brew Scales provide consistency in your recipe
  3. Using brew scales aids bean conservation


Using brew scales improves the flavour of your coffee

Using scales gives you the ability to refine and optimize the flavour of your coffee. Most coffee roasters provide a recommended recipe for their coffee. The recipe will differ depending on whether you use a coffee machine, pour over, stove top or other brewing method. Different brewing methods require different amounts of beans, water and extraction time.

Brew scales enable you to find your ideal flavours and tweak the recipe as needed. Measuring your recipe with scales means that you will optimize your espresso for flavour and extraction.


Brew Scales provide consistency in your recipe

Imagine going out to a cafe and getting the best tasting coffee you’ve ever had! Now imagine going back for another coffee and it tastes awful, burned and bitter.

This is a very real situation that happens in cafes all over the world. A huge part of this problem is the lack of consistency in the coffee recipe. As we learned above, using scales enables you to find the perfect extraction for your espresso. Scales provide a level of consistency that simply outweighs what any one individual can create on their own. Using scales everyday gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re getting (and serving!) what you want, every time. Coffee beans vary in size and density, meaning just using a coffee scoop won’t provide the level of consistency brew scales will.

In a commercial environment, scales are essential to retaining coffee customers with a rich and balanced coffee, every day.


Using scales aids bean conservation

Wasting coffee is never a good thing. Brew scales give you the ability to dose exactly what you need, every time. No more scraping overdosed grinds into the knock box! It is estimated that overdosing your basket can cause a wastage of up to 20% of your bag of coffee. This means you’re essentially paying that difference for each coffee.



Essentials for Brew Scales

Coffee scales are packed with everything from recipe savings to Bluetooth capabilities. The essentials brew scales should have are

  1. A platform large enough to measure what you need. eg. A dosing cup will require less surface room than a portafilter.
  2. A capacity of 1000-2000 grams.
  3. Response time, you should be able to get your measurement within seconds
  4. If you’re going to be weighing your espresso, ensure your scales are water resistant.
  5. The best coffee scales denote weight to 0.1 gram.



Our team at Complete Cafe Services have carefully selected barista scales to offer you the best in the business.


Scales are a great barista tool, aiding in consistency, recipe perfection and espresso brilliance. From weighing group handles, to doses to pour, our selection of scales has proven accuracy, reliability, durability and ease of use.
Our selection of Coffee Scales includes brands such as Acaia and Brewista.


Our range of brew scales has more than meets the eye. The Acaia Lunar Coffee Scales has a built in timer function. This barista scale also offers the user the Acaia app that pairs your device to the scale for data collection and recipe saving. This function is great when more than one barista is making coffees. The Brewista Smart Scale offers a built in timer, accurate to one tenth of a gram and is waterproof. You can view our range HERE. 


Need some assistance in finding the perfect grinder for your set up? Give our friendly team a call on (08) 8338 0600.

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