Coffee Machine Aesthetics

There’s a huge market for coffee machines and what seems to be an endless range of machines to choose from. Everyone has a different target market / demographic. But let’s face it “First impressions count”

That’s why it’s important to know why the Aesthetics of your Coffee Machine should be considered for your business. Do you want the machine to pop and make a statement, do you want it to blend in or do you want it to reflect your business style?

There’s plenty of articles about different machine specs and technical information, but why not go one step further and look at the design aspect in more depth.

A quality coffee machine will last you years, meaning you will have to look at it for a long time! There’s no reason why your coffee machine shouldn’t suit the design of your kitchen or be a focal point in your cafe.


  1. Why Coffee Machine Aesthetics are Important
  2. Types of machine customization


Why Coffee Machine Aesthetics are Important

Believe it or not, cafe coffee machine aesthetics is a big deal. Cafe coffee machines are a focal point for any business. Firstly, your machine will represent your brand and your coffee, paving the way for perceptions on the quality of your product. If you know the style of your cafe is pink, why not get a customized pink machine like our customer below. Importantly, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a machine made to suit your business, but it should, suit your business. A custom colour, mirror polished chrome finish or wooden accents can set you apart from other cafes and make your business the place to go. You can also add your logo onto many machines or have custom paint work done, to match your venue. If you want your machine to be a focal point that impresses your customers, talk to your machine provider about customization options before you buy.

The same principal applies for home coffee machines. Not only are they a focal point in most kitchens, but they can also be customized to suit the design of your kitchen with ease. Dress your countertop with a beautiful coffee machine that not only makes great coffee but impresses your guests! Whether you have a stylish moka pot or a mirror polished machine with wooden accents, there’s something for everyone.


Types of machine customization

There’s a whole world of different machine customization possibilities, that’s why it’s so important to look through different examples and find what you like before you decide.

Wooden Accents

Wooden accents are huge in the coffee industry, many machines come with them now. But if you ideal machine doesn’t, just get in touch with your supplier to organize this. Wooden accents provide a natural and rustic appeal that suits the contemporary cafe design today.

Custom Colours

Another great way to make your machine look great with little effort, is to pick a custom colour! If you have an eggshell blue kitchen, why not get a white or blue coffee machine to match. Coffee machine colours don’t always have to be bright and bold. They can be delicate, elegant and simple to compliment absolutely any space!

If you want that bright, bold look though, you can definitely achieve this. If you own a car dealership and sell old school muscle cars, why not have a custom fanta orange coffee machine to suit.

coffee machine aesthetics


Coffee Machine Aesthetics can easily include some fancy looking LED’s. You can modify your machine to have lights that change colour or stay a singular colour that represents your brand and business well. You can see an example of this in the gallery below! LED’s are an ideal machine option if you own a bowling club that features coloured lights at night, own a nightclub or alike businesses looking to make their coffee machine a part of their venue.

Check out the Bezzera Matrix below, with colour changeable LED’s, set to your schedule!

Custom Paint Work

Paint work can mean much more than just a singular colour, you can have almost any design on your machine to suit your business. A great example of this is Madame Hanoi’s coffee machine in Adelaide below. They have chosen cherry blossoms to align with their Asian food and venue design.

Or take this home coffee machine for example

Chrome, Brass and Copper Finishing’s 

You aren’t just limited to wooden accents with coffee machine design. If you have a modern, chrome cafe, why not choose chrome or copper finishing’s? A great example of this is our work for Hark Coffee Roasters in Adelaide here. The finishing’s on this machine match with the Hark logo to create a modern twist on the already amazing, La Marzocco Strada EP.


hark coffee roasters

Your logo 

Adding your logo to your coffee machine is a great way to advertise your brand while also taking your coffee machine to the next level. Our customer Sassy Brews does an excellent job of doing this in her mobile coffee van.

Coffee Machine Aesthetics

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process that gives off a paint like look, but provides a harder, more durable finish. Powder coating has to be a solid colour but provides a greater resistance to scratching, chipping and general wear as a result of the thermal bonding it undergoes. As far as colour retention goes, powder coating provides a better, longer lasting colour than paint.


Laser Cutting in Wood Vinyl or Aluminium 

Laser cutting in wood, vinyl or aluminium can give your machine a unique design, while offering a promotional point for your business. This example below is from the Seller Door in Adelaide. In particular, using wooden designs like this on your coffee machine can complement the interior design of many modern cafes – wood and plants. You can work with your machine provider to come up with a design or supply your own logo to be used.

Coffee Machine Aesthetics

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