Why you need an Office Coffee Machine

How good quality coffee can benefit your business

Managers often debate whether to buy an office coffee machine. Sure, there are benefits such as less staff time used to run down to the coffee shop. But is it worth the expense?

Let’s explore the benefits of an office coffee machine and see what it can do for your business.


Firstly, let’s look at some office coffee facts in Australia. Australia has one of the fastest growing coffee cultures in the world! Australians are highly educated in Coffee; this means that instant coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore.

As a result, office workers now buy coffee from their local coffee shop. The average office worker drinks 1000 cups of coffee per year!

This equates to Coffee drinkers spending around 190 days of work time making and drinking coffee over a lifetime. This amounts to 24 minutes per day.

Despite lost time, studies show coffee drinkers are more productive at work.

As a result, having a coffee machine reduces wasted time and increases workflow.  Therefore, an office machine opens the door for efficiency.


Secondly, let’s discuss the cost benefits of an office coffee machine. It is shown that coffee drinkers who have a decent coffee at work feel more satisfied with their environment and their jobs. Using the above facts, 1000 coffees at $4.50 over a year amounts to $4500! Employees who keep this money tend to have better perception of their pay. If you choose the right machine with a company that supplies you premium, wholesale consumables, it can cost less than wasted staff time.

Benefits of an Office Coffee Machine

Thirdly, let’s dive deeper into the benefits of an office coffee machine. An office coffee machine can be the difference between efficient and unmotivated workers. Aside from being a pick me up for all involved, coffee machines provide employees with an opportunity to collaborate. 87% of senior managers believe having an office coffee machine assists to facilitate better employee collaboration in Australia. Providing employees with a few basic amenities inhibits them feeling undervalued. It also provides the next level of service for clients. Being able to offer clients quality coffee facilitates professionalism and conversation. As a result, an office machine shows hospitality and makes your customers feel valued.

In conclusion, an office coffee machine assists to improve employee morale, company perception and client experience.

Choosing an Office Coffee Machine

Most importantly, let’s discuss choosing the RIGHT machine for your business. Ditch the sales pitch for just any machine. Choosing the right coffee machine depends on a few variables.

  1. How many people are in the office?
  2. What is the expected amount of coffees you’ll make per day?
  3. Would you prefer a manual or automatic machine?
  4. Would you like beverages other than coffee? Perhaps you’d like a chai latte, or quality decaf coffee option?
  5. Would you like the convenience of a coffee at the touch of a button?
  6. Would you like fresh milk or the convenience of a vending milk product?

An office machine that is too small to handle the amount of staff using it, can result in frequent repair expenses. We have a large range of office machines HERE you can view.

However, we recommend an obligation free chat with our friendly team to determine the best value for your business.


Your coffee machine will need servicing every 6 months to a year. Our team can help you find a machine that suits your schedule. And don’t worry, we come on site to you! In other words, this means your valuable time isn’t spent transporting your machine back and forth.


In conclusion, the benefits of an office coffee machine far outweigh the cons. Between happier workers, increased staff retention, workflow and reduced cost. There’s never been a better time to get an office machine.


To discuss which option is right for your business, you can contact us HERE

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