Auto Press T-100 Automatic Coffee Tamper

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Auto Press T-100 AutoTamper
Complete Cafe Services, brings you the T100 Automatic tamper. Following on from the Puq Press. The WCM team have reviewed, revised and resigned the Automatic tamper to bring you un-paralleled tamping consistency. The added weight, will keep it firmly on the bench and allow for ease of use. Our Team have tested this machine in our workshop and in the real world environment and we are now happy to offer you this incredible machine with the professional support and service we are known for.
The T100 Auto Press Coffee Tamper is fast, accurate, and super silent. This automatic coffee tamper removes the potential inconsistencies of coffee tamping from the espresso making process and gives the barista an accurate tamp, every time.
Simply place your loaded portafilter under the Auto Press tamp head and the Auto Press will do all of the work for you.
Adjustable Double Tamping function
Tamps from 10-30 kg
Cleaning function
Magnetic grinds tray