Eversys Cameo c'2m Earth

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Eversys Cameo c'2m Earth

The Eversys Cameo c'2m Earth is the fully equipped Cameo. Featuring a comprehensive milk system that makes it perfect for high volume office environments. 
Bringing you barista quality coffee and a steam wand with Everfoam and the ability to use multiple types of milk, this machine can cater to everyone's tastes. 


Barista milk style through Everysys' new electronic EMT system
e Foam system providing a two step barista solution with micro air dosing
Adjustable hot water temperature
E-connect technology to track and process live data around the world. 
Cold milk foam
Under counter ground coffee disposal
Ability to have 2 different milk types
1.5 Step
Cup centering guide
Innovative touch screen interface


2300 - 8100 W
Weight: 62 kgs
Width: 43 cm
Height: 58 cm
Depth: 60 cm
24 g Brew chamber
Ceramic burrs
40cm Touch screen
2 x 1.2 kg bean hoppers
0.8 L Coffee boiler
1.6 L Steam boiler