Isomac Zaffiro Due

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Isomac Zaffiro Due

The Isomac Zaffiro Due is simply a machine for those who want to be professionals at home. The E-61-group ensures a stable temperature, which means that if you want a better-tasting espresso, you will have to find yourself a real Barista. And you don’t need to have strong arms to get the bayonet in place. As with all our big machines you use the handle to brew an espresso. The large water tank also gives you a large capacity for big parties.
Please note: models shown are European specified without 'cool touch' steam & hot water wands. All Australian models distributed by us are specified with 'cool touch', Venus excluded.

Get 12 months warranty and peace of mind, knowing that we service and repair all equipment that we sell! 

Isomac Zaffiro Due Features

Stainless steel construction
E61 group head
Thermo syphon circulation
Semi automatic
Steam outlet
Automatic low water shut off
Single & Double portafitlers
Vibrating pump
Cup warmer

Isomac Zaffiro Due Specifications

POWER (W) 1400
PUMP PRESSURE (atm) 12 - 14
BOILER (lt) 0.7