Delonghi Service & Warranty Repairs

Complete Cafe Services are AUTHORISED service and warranty repairers. We have access to all parts, bulletins, updates and follow procedures in line with Delonghi P/L.

Services we offer

- We can supply parts as required.

- We can perform after warranty repairs and service.

- We can provide you with all Machine Manuals in electronic form.

- We also offer FREE phone support and advice. Business hours only.

- We can provide you with all cleaning and maintenance products for your machine


How frequently do I need to use a descaler and which kind of descaler product to use?

  • It depends on water hardness and on the usage frequency of the machine.
  • Some models are equipped with a water hardness tester to set the machine correctly.
  • Automatic machines (*) are equipped with a descale alarm.
  • A Descaling process on a non automatic machine is recommended after approximately 300 coffees or as soon as the performance levels drop on the machine.

How do I create a perfect and rich milk froth?

  • Use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature (5°C).
  • On automatic cappuccino system you can also set your preferred froth level.
  • Milk deposit and dirt inside the milk circuit and tank can lower the frothing performances. Make sure to regularly clean the milk container following the user manual.

How can I choose or modify the coffee temperature?

  • On automatic machines you can set your preferred coffee temperature levels.
  • To reach a perfect in-cup espresso temperature we suggest you place your cup on the cup warmer or add hot water to the cup.
  • Before making the first coffee, it is advised to dispense some hot water first or start a rinsing cycle in order to warm up the system.
  • If your coffee is not hot enough, the machine may require descaling.

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