Let’s start by saying that we love coffee.

The Philosophy.

LELIT espresso machines are designed and MADE IN ITALY using the components and the materials adopted for the professional machines in order to let all coffee lovers enjoy the best possible espresso and cappuccino at home, at the office or during party dinners with their friends.

As enthusiast consumers of this extraordinary drink, our mission is to enable anyone to brew a superb espresso at home.

LELIT espresso machines have all the devices that help you becoming a master in the extraordinary, noble art of brewing fantastic espressos.

We tasted thousands of espresso in the most famous Italian bars throughout the country and developed 6 great lines of espresso machines that satisfy the most exigent users.

With lelit espresso machines you take with you a bit of the best italian traditions.

We decided to share with you the optimism, joy of living and glamour that characterized Italian life in the ’50s. In that remarkable decade the economic growth of the country coincided with the triumph of Italian design in the world. Who does not remember the Vespa, Olivetti’s Lettera 22 or the Fiat 500?

That desire for beautiful objects, conviviality and exclusivity is what inspires us every day when we create and build our machines.

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