Mahalia Coffee

Thank you for considering Mahalia Coffee.

We are pleased to assist you in the understanding of the coffee art philosophy.

Specialising in profile roasting art, Mahalia selects the world’s best green beans, and roasts daily. She has developed the optimum flavour profiles in every batch to create an end-product that is not only a delight to your senses, but well worth the value for money. The hallmark of her Industry Award Winning Mahalia Coffee brand, is the process of time, respect and love she inherits into her products.

We recommend you give your business an exclusive edge. Not only do we supply high quality, multi-award winning coffee, but it is our commitment towards business relationships with coffee industry experience, providing a personalised service across a broad range of areas. When you choose Mahalia Coffee your choosing a strong partner who is interested in your overall success.

Mahalia Coffee has partnered with Complete Café Services to supply and service our products in the Adelaide metropolitan area and surrounds. Their staff share our values and philosophy, and have impeccable industry experience.

To us, Brewing an espresso is the study of science & art. The means of extracting coffee and texturing of milk, is based purely on the parameters of temperature and time. Once you have mastered this process, making a coffee becomes an enjoyable process.

Download Mahalia Coffee’s Espresso Guide to find out what cafe beverages look like, learn how they are made, and learn a little about mahalia coffee’s philosophy behind making exceptional espresso coffee.

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Blend No. 1 Organic & Sweet

High Altitude Fair Trade Organic Arabica beans roasted dark with a heavy liqueur body, well balanced character and a luscious creamy cocoa finish with hints of lemon zest.

Available in 1kg and 250g

Blend No. 2 Smooth & Aromatic

Our Award Winning Blend. This blend has outstanding, bold crema, with a bouquet of hibiscus within the aroma.

Available in 1kg and 250g

Blend No. 3 Cafe’ Crema

Full body, an award winning good all rounder for any coffee making vessel. 100% Arabica with slight chocolates on the palate. Strong and sophisticated crema, with distinctive rose characteristics within the aroma.

Available in 1kg and 250g

Blend No. 4 European Dark Roast

Complex and intense taste, with a refreshing clean finish, roasted in the southern european traditional way.

Available in 1kg and 250g

Decaffe Fairtrade Organic Thai Swiss Water

An earthy, floral cup with a dominant fragrance of green tea, gunpowder and soil.

Available in 1kg and 250g

Fair Trade Organic – Indonesian Sumatra Gayo

With a chocolate dry fragrance, fruited shiraz notes and a hint of sandalwood, the aromas follow through in every mouthful of coffee consumed. A delightfully rich coffee.

Available in 1kg and 250g

Single Origin Ethiopian Harrar Berry Cache

A lighter roast of an outstanding FTO origin from the birthplace of coffee. Boasting aromatics of blueberries and, raspberries. Flavours of sweet chocolate finishing with candied orange.

Available in 1kg and 250g

Lush Drinking Chocolate

Delicious creamy chocolate combined for opulence in your cup. Use in your chocolate shaker for cappuccino or perfect for making hot chocolates.

Available in 1kg and 250g

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