Acaia Lunar - Black 2021 Model

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With consistent precision in mine, Acaia has reimagined the Lunar. The Lunar 2021 is fast, responsive and accurate; incorporating a built-in flow-rate indicator, longer battery life and updated USB-C connection. With customisable parameters - you can brew your own way! 


    • Weighing mode: Dual display mode - timer and weight display

    • Auto tare auto start: Timer begins when an item is placed on the scale

    • Auto tare: Automatically tares item weight for quicker measurements

    • Timer starts with flow mode: Timer starts when espresso flow is detected

    • Auto tare timer starts with flow mode: Automatically tares item weight and the time begins when the first drop of espresso hits the cup. 


      • Acaia Lunar Silver - 2021 Model

      • Heat Resistant Pad - Grey

      • Calibration Weight - 100g

      • USB Type-C Charger Cable - White

      Durable & Water resistant

      Accurate & Sensitive with readability up to 0.1 g and an optional resolution 0.01g

      Built in Atuo Modes

      Rechargeable USB power supply

      Mobile App Compatible

      Firmware Supported

      Timer starts with Flow Mode

      Duel Display Mode

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