Aillio Bullet R1 Coffee Roaster

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Aillio Bullet R1 Coffee Roaster

PLEASE NOTE: We can only sell the Aillio Bullet R1 Coffee Roaster to South Australian customers. For other state purchases, please contact us and we will get you in contact with your local representatives. 
If you order this product from outside of South Australia, your order will be cancelled and the refund transaction fee will be oncharged to you. 

Rent-try-buy options available, speak to us today about different options. 

The Aillio Bullet R1 Coffee Roaster is the new coffee roaster in town. This coffee roaster easily plugs straight into your household power outlets for simple use. Featuring all of the characteristics of a commercial roaster, this is THE home roaster. With a large capacity of 1000 grams and pre-heating by drum temperature, this coffee roaster provides an accurate starting point for roasting coffee. Equipt with auto compensation and input voltage flucuations, the Aillio Bullet R1 Coffee Roaster provides precise, simple and consistent coffee roasting from the comfort of your own home. 
The Aillio Bullet R1 has variable fan speed and heating to give the roaster complete control during the entire roasting process. Once completed, the external cooling tray will instantly stop the roasting process.
What's even better, is that this coffee roaster actually records your roast profile, so you can later repeat the profile and share them with others.
The Aillio Bullet R1 connects to your computer or laptop via USB to give you access to control the roasting process from your screen with advanced recording and analysis. Featuring a brand new infrared bean temperature sensor to offer lag free accurate roast profiling without compromise of batch size. 


Connectivity via PC / Mac OS
Patented Induction Heating Coil
Maximum Roast Temperature 250°c
Roast Modes: Manual and Automatic
Dual Temperature Sensors: Patent-Pending Infrared Bean and Drum TemperatureSensor + Traditional NTC Probe


Drum Capacity: Max 1kg / Min 200 grams
Heating: 10 Power Settings with adjustments from 200w to 1500w
Fan: 12 speed settings
Powerful 30W fan for cooling tray
Safety: Temperature Safety Protection for all fans and electronics and software
Voltage: 240V / 50Hz – 60Hz
Power: 1600W / 10 amps
Length: 59 cm (75 cm including cooling tray)
Height: 42 cm
Width: 31 cm
Weight: 14 kg