Arkadia Liquid Sugar

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Size 1.5L Bottle

Akradia's Liquid Sugar provides a quick and convenient way to add a sweetness to hot and cold beverages for busy baristas.  There are plenty of benefits to using sugar syrup including instantly dissolving into cold beverages enabling you to serve sweet drinks without added ice-cream or time spent dissolving sugar. Liquid sugar can also be used as an excellent sweetener in cooking and is a great addition to mixed drinks and cocktails. Sugar syrup offers greater efficiency behind the coffee machine with baristas spending less time stirring sugar into espresso shots. 

With 200 serves per bottle, each 7.5ml pump delivers equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar.

The liquid sugar dissolves quickly, even in cold beverages, making it the ideal choice for high turnover venues.

Arkadia syrups are made here in Australia from Australian sugar and developed to Australian cafe tastes in mind.

Available in

1.5L bottles, Carton 6 x 1.5L

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