Arkadia Matcha Green Tea

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Matcha tea has been a traditional Japanese beverage for centuries. Matcha is quickly becoming a popular item on the menu at cafes around Australia for it's health benefits, great taste and latte art potential. Arkadia’s unique twist on the Matcha Latte will show you why Australia is falling in love with this drink. Arkadia's blend is made using the finest ceremonial grade of Matcha Green Tea, combined with subtle aromatic flavours for both taste and smell. The result is a delicious, creamy latte from shade grown, hand picked and deliciously ground tea from the entire leaf! This brilliant Matcha is free from preservatives, artificial colours and artificial sweeteners, featuring a range of antioxidants for a truly healthy option!

20g Per Serve
100% Natural and free of preservatives, artificial colours and sweeteners.
Contains a range of antioxidants

Available in:

1 kilogram bags.

Carton of 12 kilograms.

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