Arkadia Premium Vending Chocolate

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Arkadia Premium Vending Chocolate 

Arkadia Premium vending chocolate is a dark, rich, creamy chocolate drink mix from the most superlative cocoa beans. The mixture is been designed to obtain optimal flow in any manual or automatic vending machines. Our team of technicians at Complete Cafe Services have tested this product rigorously for a range of vending machines and found it pours freely and doesn't block up like other powders. That's why we are so confident that this is the best vending chocolate the industry has to offer! 
This is an indulgent vending chocolate that will deliver flavours and quality for your customers who will love from it from first to last sip.
Suitable for gravity and pump machines.
To achieve best results, we recommend a throw rate of 21g per 180mL cup, or adjust accordingly to individual requirements.

Nutrition Information
Servings per package: 35 / Serving size: 21gm

Available in:

750 gram bags.
Carton of 12 x 750g Bags.