Arkadia Spice Chai

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Size 1 kilo bag

This is a favourite among our Cafe Customers for it's all rounded, exotic taste. Experience true cafe indulgence with Arkadia's Chai Tea Spice, perfect for Chai Lattes. This Chai features a black tea base with a secret blend of exotic spices for an aromatic delectable beverage. Arkadia's signature brew follows traditional Indian chai tea recipes, savored for over 5000 years.This is one chai that leaves you wanting more! Easily compliments any milk and milk alternative while also being a perfect selection for dirty chai's. 

Inspired by purity - this product is free of preservatives, artificial colours and artificial sweeteners – and is 98% fat free*.

Tea naturally contains antioxidants which may help the body support its immune system. 

Available in

1 kilo bags.
Carton of 12 x 1 kilo bags.

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