Astoria Greta SAE

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Astoria Greta SAE

The small versatile Astoria Greta SAE  home coffee machine is suitable for both professional and semi-professional use. Its small size and easy use make Greta the perfect coffee machine for offices or cafés with low coffee volumes. Its internal components are identical to those used in Astoria's professional machines, just smaller. This guarantees the espresso cup quality. Varnished steel and plastic body, it is available either with an internal volumetric pump, for connection to the water mains, or with a vibration pump, for manual filling. 

Get 12 months warranty and peace of mind, knowing that we service and repair all equipment that we sell!

 Astoria Greta SAE Specifications

Vibrating pump with 4L tank.
Thermo-syphon unit with pre-infusion.
Raised groups with flap rack.
Backlit 4 coffee doses programmable (mod. SAE).
Boiler with automatic loading.
Pressure switch for boiler temperature control.
Boiler pressure gauge.
Water tap.
Steam tap.
Work top lighting (mod. SAE).
Varnished steel/plastic body.

    Available colour



    Motor-driven internal pump (excluding tank)
    Adapter kit to connect to water supply system.