Astoria Storm

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The Astoria Storm coffee machine is a mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. With Storm, a barista is free to express himself / herself and his / her own experimentation skills through simple and comfortable actions. 

The Storm coffee machine is search of values that were believed to have been lost to passing time, but were brought back to life thanks to a new cultural and craftsmanship approach that, in a short while, has propagated across the world. Delivered coffee is at the center of every concern. The baristas’ gestures are the protagonist of the scene and have highly symbolic value.
The relationship between who operates the coffee machine and who enjoys a cup of coffee is revolutionized: the barista who, with almost maniacal dedication, has chosen the grains, as well as the roasting and brewing steps can offer rituals of preparation and narration. 

Total control of the manual dispensing
Storm is a competition machine that guarantees total control of the manual dispensing of mono-origin coffee and, at the same time, is suitable for use according to memorized brewing curves, which can enhance perfume and aromatic notes constantly.
Technique you can learn, but real passion is the sum of dedication and pride.
The anti-scalding, cantilevered steam wand offers great safety and easy return movement to the drip tray, when the machine is idle. Super Dry is the innovative system that keep steam dry and with minimal initial condensation, guaranteed by a second heating spout which dissolves any condensation.
Since the moment of wand activation, performance can be extended even with two open steam wands, without any yield loss and with full pressure control.
The design
Storm has taken into account the barista’s movement requirements and his/her need to operate the leverages to adjust coffee according to targeted taste and conception. The analog functions that enhance the customized brewing curves are also accompanied by digital storage
functions of settings. Storm’s refined design is the result of a cooperation that Astoria has maintained for years with Adriano Design, a Turin based studio, which is one of the most important and renowned design studios in Italy, honored with the most prestigious national and international prizes such as the Compasso d’Oro international award.
Innovation and practicality
The fully innovative suspended drip tray features a formal tray which supports the cup during brewing. Indeed, the cup is no longer hidden from the machine, but rests on a plate, as if it were a prima donna on stage. This design also produces practical effects because the drip tray, with its rounded lines, is easy to clean.
Customizable noble materials
Enhanced by wood accents which can be personalized with different wood types and stains, the Storm coffee machine arouses emotions and was built in tune with the most technologically accurate studies.
Adjustable feet
Storm is an easy to recognize machine with strong personality, raised on its feet but among the lowest in the category and to be placed on the counter to engender a front-line bartender-client relationship.


Versions from 2 group to 3 group units
Manual coffee dispensing button with built-in led
Automatic dispensing of hot water 2-3 GR
Automatic filling of boiler
Astoria ergonomic filter carriers)
Built-in motor pump
Electronic cup warmer
LED-lit work counter
LED back-light with light-intensity change
Energy Saver: auto on/off and standby
Machine parameters export
Counts: number of coffee and hot water delivered, litres of water consumed
Digital boiler pressure display and control
Digital delivery pressure display
Customizable screen saver
Dose programming
Coffee recipes
Basin and feet height adjustable
Barista Attitude: anti-scolding steam wand
Raised units
Work top lighting
Electronic cup warmer with adjustable temperature
Colour Options
Chrome Trim-Matt Black Panels
Black Trim-Matt Black Panels
Chrome Trim-White Panels
Premium Panel option - Black Trim-Copper Panels

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