Automatic Espresso Shot Timer

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Automatic Espresso Shot Timer


The Automatic Espresso Shot Timer by Luminaire senses when an espresso shot has started on your coffee machine. It automatically begins timing the shot and displays the shot time in seconds on the display. The timer automatically stops when the shot stops and resets at the start of the next shot.


All you need to do is attach the sensor end of the timer to your coffee machine solenoid valve and attach the display to the front of your coffee machine using the magnets. 



 Integrates with any home or commercial espresso machine which uses 24V, 120V, or 240V grouphead (3-way) solenoid valves (AC). 
Fast and easy installation with no modification to the espresso machine.
Built to last, with a standard coin cell CR2032 battery which lasts up to 4 years.

Compatible with any machine using 24V, 120V, or 220V grouphead (3 way) solenoids (AC not DC). Verified to work with:
Quick Mill Silvano, Faema E61 Jubile, Gaggia Classic, Avanti Siena Deluxe with E61, Nuova Simonelli Music, Rancilio Silvia, Dalla Corte Mina
Most La Marzocco machines including the Linea Mini, Linea Classic EE and AV, Linea PB AV and ABR, GS3, GB5, Strada AV, EE and EP. Will not work with MP models including Linea MP, Linea PB      MP, Strada MP or GS3 MP

The Shot Timer does not work on most E61 grouphead espresso machines. This includes many "prosumer" machines made by Quickmill, Rocket, and ECM.

The Shot Timer also does not work on most Slayer espresso machines as they use DC solenoids instead of AC.

For machines without a 3-way grouphead solenoid: in some instances, you can attach the Shot Timer's sensor to your machine's vibratory or rotary pump.
In these cases, the timer will time whenever the pump turns on or off. So if your machine has preinfusion with the pump off or if the pump fills the boiler at the end of extraction,
the time could be wrong.



Screen Dimensions: 17.78mm x 17.78mm
Timer Dimensions: 33.02mm (W) x 33.02mm (H) x 15.24mm (D)
Wire Length: 50.8cm
Battery: CR2032
Battery Life: 4-7 Years
Wire Temperature Rating: 105 C