Barista Attitude Tempesta

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Size 2 Group
Colour Stainless

The Barista Attitude Tempesta is the perfect mix of high technology and profound sense of artisan craftsmanship. 

We represent the state-of-the-art in these machines through their design, gestural movement of the barista and his or her relationship to the space around them. Our thermal system—precise and stable as no other—is the basis of a technology recognized for its superlative reliability consolidated over time.

Tempesta is part of a rich and deep- rooted corporate culture. It is the conscientious result of the care, know-how and precision of many individuals. A perfect mix of high technology and profound sense of artisan craftsmanship.

Electronic Cup Warmer

LED Display

Energy Saver

Mode of Use - Comfort (machine always active) - Weekly programming (programming of time slots for standby) - Eco (self-learning based on machine operation)

Machine Parameters Export

Counts the number of coffee and hot water delivered, liters of water consumed, warning refridgeration filters, grinder wear and tear and number of washings performed.

Digital boiler pressure display and control.

Views - Time - Brewing temperature - Brewing chart - Brewing pressure

Display - Digital pressure - Gara

USB port

User interface - Display for each group - Choice of skin type

Customizable screensaver

Possibility of parameter settings for different types of coffee

Dose programming

Basin and feet height are adjustable

Anti-scalding steam wand

Super dry - dry steam dispensing system

Configuration of brewing curves for each key

Hydraulic circut efficiency control system

Voltage 230-400/240 V 230-400/240 V

Max absorbed power

4800-5230 W 4800-5230 W
Load capacity of the steam heating unit 8,5 LT 8,5 LT
Power per group 150×2/165×2 W 150×3/165×3 W
Coffee - water tank resistance power per group 1000×2/1090×2 W 1000×3/1090×3 W
Steam heating unit power 3000/3270 W 4000/4360 W
Steam heating unit capacity 8.5/1.87 Lt/ UK gal 8.5/1.87 Lt/ UK gal
Water tank capacity (1.2/0.26)x2 Lt/ UK gal (1.2/0.26)x3 Lt/ UK gal
Weight 85kg 105kg


1035mm 1175mm
Depth 618mm 618mm
Height 500mm

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