Barista Progear Espresso Puck Screen

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Achieve consistent espresso extractions with the Barista Progear Espresso Puck Screen 58.5mm. At its core, coffee-making is an art form that requires precision and skill. As a barista, you want to get the perfect shot of espresso every time. That's why using a puck screen when making your coffee is essential. A puck screen helps protect the espresso machine’s shower head from potential blockages by keeping particles in the portafilter. It also helps maintain a consistent flow rate when pulling your shots, guaranteeing that you get the perfect espresso every time.

Moreover, by using a puck screen, baristas can reduce waste and save money. The puck screen supports an efficient use of coffee in each portafilter, helping to keep portions in check while avoiding over-extraction.

Designed for 58mm portafilters
Prevent channeling
Provides even water distribution
Easy to use

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