Barista Progear WDT Clump Crusher

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Unleash the Perfect Cup with the Barista Progear WDT Clump Crusher. Are you ready for the perfect cup of coffee? With the Barista Progear WDT Clump Crusher, you can now make your desired brew with unparalleled precision. This revolutionary tool eliminates coffee clumps and makes sure that each ounce is distributed evenly across your dosing cup.

The Barista Progear WDT Clump Crusher is designed to break up any ground coffee clumps and evens out the density of coffee within the puck. This results in reduced channeling, and higher, more even, consistent coffee extractions.

Clump crushers are a game changing tool, creating a more uniform distribution in your basket. Coffee will typically clump during the grinding process due to humidity and heat, additionally grinding also builds up static within the grind. A clump crusher will remove both clumps and static by fluffing out the puck, creating even density of the coffee to improve taste. 

Produce even espresso extraction
Decrease channeling
Achieve consistent espresso shots

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