Level 1, Espresso Basics Course

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The basic barista course teaches fundamental techniques for preparing a variety of coffee beverages, from classic espresso shots, to silky lattes, and frothy cappuccinos. You will learn about espresso machines, grinders, and other coffee tools.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the world of coffee (Coffee, Equipment and Tools)
  • Learning about espresso extraction
  • Dialing the grinder (when and how)
  • Distributing and tamping your coffee for even extractions
  • Milk steaming technique, for the different recipes as well as the different types of milk
  • Pouring techniques and introduction to latte art
  • Common cafe recipes
  • Recognize flaws in espresso and developing recipe to ensure the best taste of it
    Coffee machine cleaning and maintenance
  • Learn workplace management, including how to keep a work environment clean and organized, how to go through the rush without dying in the effort, and the ensuring the correct workflow.

Our classes are private so the topic we cover in the session may vary since we customize our training to your specific needs, experience and goals. 

This course is fully hands-on and suitable for home, office and hospitality workers alike. It is also available on-site in your home office or cafe, or in our centrally located state-of-the-art Unley Training facility.

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