Bellezza Francesca

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Bellezza Francesca


The Bellezza Francesca is beauty, power and brilliant design, made into this stunning home coffee machine. Featuring a powerful dual boiler and impressive steam power. This Bellezza will provide you with temperature consistency and beautiful polished stainless steel design, making the morning coffee a unique experience. 


The machine boasts PID temperature and shot time control as well as two pressure gauges for steam and pump pressure. The external glass water tank, ensures absolute temperature stability, rounds off the design. 

Finally, the Bellezza heat-up system quickly heats the brew group within 12 minutes to the set brewing temperature on the PID.



Dual Boiler Machine - 1L Steam Boiler with insulation | 1L Brew Boiler with insulation

2 x Large pressure gauges 

Body made from high quality 301 polished stainless steel

Very Compact beautiful espresso machine

E61 Brew Group Head

Bellezza PID

Both Boiler Temperatures Adjustable

Cool Touch Steam Wand

Shot Timer

Pre-Infusion Time Adjustable

External Glass Water Tank

Removable Drip Tray

ECO mode | Machine can be programmed to go into a low power state, the element turns off and stops heating water. These times can adjusted or feature can be switched off