Bellezza Gulia

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Bellezza Gulia


The Bellezza Gulia home coffee machine is the definitetion of power and beauty. The power comes from the heat exchange boiler that features impressive steam power! The beauty comes from the temperature consistency and polished stainless steel finish, that make the morning coffee into a unique experience. 

The Gulia is the big brother to the Bellezza Chiara, using the same features plus more. Giving you access to instant hot water straight from the boiler.

Featuring PID temperature and shot timer control, with two pressure gauges for steam and pump pressure. Comes with an external glass water tank that ensures absolute temperature stability. 



Heat Exchange Boiler - 1.8L Boiler

2 x Large Pressure Gauges | Steam & Pump

Body made from high quality 301 polished stainless steel

Very Compact beautiful espresso machine

E61 Brew Group Head

Bellezza PID

Boiler Temperature Adjustable

Cool Touch Steam Wand

Hot Water Tap

Shot Timer

Pre-Infusion Time Adjustable

External Glass Water Tank

Removable Drip Tray