Bestaqua 14 ROC Reverse Osmosis system

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The Bestaqua 14 Reverse Osmosis System can keep up with any account you have as far as RO water is concerned. This ROC can produce a massive 120 litres per hour! This system includes everything you will need for installation including the RO unit, tubing, fittings and a storage tank. 

From Europe’s largest water treatment company BWT, the revolutionary designed Bestaqua ROC system is the solution for your
coffee equipment water treatment. The Bestaqua 14 ROC is suited for medium flow rate applications including water
dispensers, coffee machines and small steamer ovens.

The system is a typically supplied as multi-stage treatment process:

1. Pre-filtration with a fibron carbon filter to remove sediment and chlorine.

2. Bestaqua 14 ROC system to reduce all dissolved solids including salt and hardness ions.

3. Storage tank.An optional stage: Remineralisation to add minerals for full coffee flavour.
User Guides, technical support and installation schematics are available as required.

Compact complete system: easy to use slim fit design

Easiest RO membrane change out possible

App driven for monitoring key parameters

Integral pump to provide water pressure required

Manufactured in Europe; dependable quality and performance validation

Flow Rate / Production: 80 – 120 lph

Salt rejection rate: > 95%

Permeate yield: approx 50%

Dimensions: 15W x 25L x 50H cm Weight: 13 kg

Electrical: 230 volt 50 Hz 10 amp

Use pressure limiter to ensure max pressure is not exceeded

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