Bezzera Strega Lever

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Bezzera Strega Lever 

The Bezzera Strega Lever has all the modern features of a traditional lever system. The soft hydraulic curve of water flow is unmatched in most modern machines. 
Greater temperature stability and pre-infusion is the main benefit of the Strega.  Incorporating a pump to fill the lever group through a heat exchanger. When the handle is lifted to begin the extraction, the pump stops and the pressure in the group is create.   

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Bezzera Strega Lever Features

Traditional Lever Group Head
Heat Exchange technology for simultaneous coffee making and milk steaming
In-built automatic low water cutout and optical indicator
Heavy duty brass boiler
Accessories: coffee measuring spoon, group head brush, user instructions

Bezzera Strega Lever Specifications

Power: V 240 / 50-60 Hz
Heating Element: 1472 Watts
Tank: 4 Litre
Boiler: 2 Litre
Single and Double Commercial Handles
Net Weight: 22.7 kg
Dimensions: 360 mm W x 455 mm D x 450 mm H