Black 500g CoffeeVac

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The Black 500g CoffeeVac storage container provides airtight storage with a unique patented vaccum closure system. Ideal for storaging tea and coffee, the CoffeeVac preserves consumable products for long periods by allowing them to de-gas and breathe during storage. Featuring a 2 way valve system that allows the carbon dioxide from coffee to escape, while keeping the oxygen in the container. By keeping your coffee fresh for longer, the CoffeeVac can save you money and flavour from over exposed coffee. The 2 way valve is built for durability and therefore should never need replacing, making it simple, easy and functional. 

Capable of holding 500 grams of tea, coffee or other consumable products, the CoffeeVac is a great device to have in all kitchens. The CoffeeVac is fridge and freezer safe, while able to be stored neatly on the counter top or in the pantry. 

Note: Not microwave or dishwasher safe. 

Black container with a black lid
Made from plastic
Wash by hand, not dishwasher safe
500 gram capacity
2 way valve system
19.5 x 12 cm diameter

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