Cinoart PTB FI

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The Cinoart PTB FI automatic tamper is designed to fit a variety of Grinders from Fiorenzato. With the grinder mounted on top, the PTB creates an efficient workflow for the barista, with a smooth movement from the grind delivery to tamping. Incorporating the brands patented Guide Levelling System (GLS) the PTB, automatically levels up the group handle to be on the correct angle to deliver a flat bed of coffee with every tamp. Pressure control offers a tamping pressure range between 2kg and up to 38kg so that the roaster, trainer or barista can determine the ideal tamping pressure for their coffee. The determined pressure will be delivered accurately with every tamp, no matter the variation in dose volume or particle size. This range delivers incredible control and options to experiment with two variables and explore the results and benefits this can offer your coffee. Well considered for performance, efficiency and build quality, PTB is manufactured with a cast alloy structure for durability and a non-stick coating ensuring a clean tamp with no static.
  • Undermount automatic tamper to suit a variety of grinder brands.
  • FI Model to suit Fiorenzato F64 and F83
  • A patent GLS guides the handle into correct position for an absolute level tamp.
  • User friendly – Easy to use, Quick to setup and safety considered, only operates when activated by metal.
  • Segmented multi-tamping can be pre-set from 1-3 tamp cycles.
  • Market leading pressure control with a range from 2kg – 38kg.
  • The undermount option offering good workflow and efficiency.
  • Longevity, with the unit fatigue tested to one million cycles without wavering
  • Non- stick nano technology coating tamp head
  • ·Available in multiple tamp head sizes from 53mm to 58.5mm
Brand Cinoart
Model PTB FI (Precision Tamp Below)
Tamp Dimensions 58.3
Tamper Material Non-Stick Nano Coated
Guide Levelling System Yes
Adjustable Pressure Yes
Wattage 12V DC/10 amp
Width (mm) 276
Depth (mm) 232
Height (mm) 192
Weight (kg) 5
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturers

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