Coffee Sensor La Pavoni Bottomless group Handle

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Color Black

The La Pavoni "Coffee Sensor"  bottomless 51mm portafilter is made of pure 304 stainless steel and offers the user:

  1. The ability to see any extraction errors or channeling that can occur during shot;

  2. The use of bigger and deeper baskets that can hold more coffee like the tall IMS 20-22 grams baskets

  3. Improves personal experience by obtaining a much better look and new quality feel compared to any OEM nakeds or bottomless on the market.

This product is, as all "Coffee Sensor" custom made products, CNC machined and designed in house by Coffee Sensor staff. It out shines any other bottomless handle on the market.

This La Pavoni  bottomless portafilter 51 mm is compatible with all Post Millenium La Pavoni Professional or Europiccola coffee machines (manufactured after year 2000).


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