COMBO Silver Package Small Knock Box and Tamper

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Knock Tube

The stunning heavy duty stainless steel compact coffee knock bin complements any set up! The Barista Progear Silver Miner Home Knock Bin is designed for easy disposal of coffee pucks and features a solid knock bar and a rubber base preventing it from slipping on the bench top and also helps to reduce noise.

To empty just lift the rubber bar out and discard the coffee. To wash we recommend you just give it a rinse in mild detergent.


Barista Progear 58.5mm Black Coffee Tamper matches our home knockboxes. One of the foundation of a perfect cup of coffee lies in the quality of the tamping. Get perfect tamping consistency every time! These tampers have been ergonomically designed to be able to be used all day and creates no stress on the user. Crafted in a solid stainless steel and featuring a solid black handle, it is the perfect definition of  modern barista gear. 

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