Compak E10 Conical

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Colour Black

The Compak E10 Conical is part of the essential on Demand range of espresso grinders. The E10 offers easy-to-use operation and innovative technological advancements, all in a sleek and sophisticated design.

The touch screen not only visualizes the grind setting, but it also allows you to set burr replacement alarms, display the date and time, and set the dose. Any portafilter can be dosed directly into, thanks to the universal and adjustable portafilter holder.


“Parallel System” grind regulator lock
1, 2 or 3 On-Demand ground coffees
Precise dosing
Touch control screen
Three positions switch with by-pass
Universal adjustable height porta filter holder
Multi language Display
3 Modes: Pre-selection - Automatic - Instant
Protection menu access by password
Total and Partial shot counter
Notice of change of Burrs
Date and time display
Quantity lock configurable by weight ground


Motor output 800 W
Revolutions per minute 325 rpm
Ø Burrs Conical 68 mm
Espresso point production 15 Kg/h
Time x dosis Espresso (7gr) 1.9 s
Hopper capacity 1,700 gr
Height x width x depth 635 x 215 x 400 mm
Net weight 16.93 Kg

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